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In regards to MMD ever being allowed on here

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In regards to MMD ever being allowed on here Empty In regards to MMD ever being allowed on here

Post by WielderOfThorn on 1st November 2014, 9:51 pm

I honestly don't want to do that. The community  makes me angry, honestly. So many things wrong with that community, and my views are obviously greatly different than theirs.
Spoiler tagged because it then goes into a lot of rules, views, opinions and just a general dislike of the community. They are my views, so... whatever. Not important, spoiler tagged.


Reasons why I DON'T want to include it on here.
1. The community, and their views
2. I don't want this site to be well known at all.
3. You can already see how lazy I am with crediting, and saying "I own nothing, it belongs to their respective owners" isn't good enough for them.
Reasons why it would be a good idea.
1. ...

So yes, you can see how much I don't want it here.
Besides, it already has plenty of sites and such relating to it.

And even if you aren't wondering why I hate the community, I'm going to post a long list anyways of things I don't like, since it truly is bothering me. However it obviously isn't going to make a difference.
1. If you aren't "popular" or whatever, no one cares about you, and your voice isn't "heard".
We should all be equal to each other, or at least treated that way.
2. "popular" people thinking because a new user or something is trying to talk with them, they have other and darker motives.
No. They could be genuinely interested in you. There are some people who still do want to take advantage, but they are far less now.
3. People just generally being rude to each other, or people cyberbullying.
Stupid. Really, it is. What are you gaining from being really rude to someone? I understand trolling exists but damn. I once saw a bunch of people harassing a user who simply edited an Animasa model. She was really upset, tried explaining what she did, but they wouldn't back down and eventually she just deleted the picture and download.
4. People thinking they are automatically "gods" or something.
I know everyone's tired of the "you were a newbie too" thing, but... it's the truth. Not everyone starts out perfect. You have to work towards that. And if somehow you are really good at the start, great for you. But you are still in no position to look down horribly on someone's work.
5. Users just ignoring others.
That's really rude.
6. No love rules on models.
That's so stupid, I don't think it even needs a comment.
7. People complaining someone stole their work.
DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS. If you put it up for download, you need to realise everyone who downloaded it can now edit it and do whatever they wish with it.
I'd like to think though that users are higher than this, but you are going to have to see the cold reality.
Unfortunately, if you have a really strong desire for no one to edit it, don't give it out.
BUT. If you are making a model, and someone blatantly copies it when you didn't give it out... then yes, that is stealing your work. There's a lot of lines involved in this though, and it's hard to tell if they truly did steal your work or were just simply inspired by it.
I'm not saying any of this is right, I'm just saying don't start jumping at people.
8. Groups working to exclude others.
Yeah, no, that's not right in the slightest.
9. More popular users who steal the ideas of less popular users and claim it as their own.
=_=.. I know it's a 3D model community and all, but that is still something of an "abuse of power and influence".
10. Japanese or Overseas being xenophobic towards each other.
This kind of goes with "groups working to exclude others". There is  no point in this. No community is better than the other, they are both communities for the same fvkken thing no matter the location differences. Bad people are everywhere, they can't be set to a specific location. (If bad people were all in a specific location, I am really positive that place would be burnt to ashes by now)
11. People not reading the description.
Please, read it. (Especially if it's a download). That can avoid a lot of drama. And if the user says they don't want to put it up for download, there is no download, or the download was taken down... respect that please. A lot of us have accidentally done that though, and if you do, the best thing you can do is apologise.
12. People bragging about rare models and such.
Yeahhhhh no. This is probably one of the reasons a lot of drama happened. Don't brag. At all. It just causes a lot of people to be angry with each other. And I really hate more when the "popular" people do it. Or unpopular people hoping it'll make them popular.
There is a thin line between 'showing' and 'showing off', though... so, to avoid drama, I'm just not posting pictures with rare models or anything, anymore because of the community.
12.1 Hey guys I just pirated a model!!!1!!1
Good for you, that's really original right there. Sarcasm aside, this is 2014, I thought we were long done and through with such attitudes. If you do it, good for you. But there is no reason to announce it to the world.
12.2 Hey guys I'm putting up this incredibly rare mmd model that can only be purchased cause I'm such a badass!
FREE LOOT FOR ALL1!!!111! to that too. Again, this is 2014. And breaking rules does not make you "badass" or whatever. It just makes you look disrespectful and encourages greed. You may feel you are helping others, but they are merely taking advantage of you.
12.3 Windows 100/Rare/Paid models in general.
They all encourage greed, actually. Idk who thought they were a good idea, but obviously they aren't. Downloads should be available to all.
To be honest, when I first saw a win100 model on a youtube video long ago, and read about them... somehow I knew "shit was going to go down".
About contests now.
Those are truly the low point of the community, when they should in fact be the high point.
I always saw them as a fun thing to do, a creative challenge. And if you won, good for you.
But... here's what I hate about them.
13. I won!!! I'm better than all of you!!!
13.1 I lost, it figures only the popular people win.
*******. Even if that is true (and I'd believe it), winning should never be the main point.
13.2 Why didn't I win? I hate you all.
*******. It's about fun, winner is just a title.

In short, accept your win with grace, aka shrug it off. Thank people sincerely and move on.

Wow. That community just really is terrible, and obviously I have so much views AGAINST IT.
So I think I'm done sharing my ideas and such with the public soon.
Besides, no one will listen to me over there anyways, though there are some kind people.
I'm just really through with it.
I always saw MMD as a nice community for people to have fun, and share their ideas...
Now it just seems MMD is like a... prison, I guess. For lack of better words. Only difference is you don't have to stay there.
MMD drama is just showing all the mistakes ever made... in humanity and in society in general.
You don't HAVE to be friends with everyone, but everyone should be treated with equal respect.
You don't HAVE to respond to everyone, but don't make an obvious bias.
There's no excuse for being rude to others.
You shouldn't be working to exclude others in any way, or making people seem more special than others.
I get that sometimes quality is truly horrible, BUT..
I think you should realise it obviously means something to that person, if they feel the need to devote their time to it.
If you absolutely must say something, point out something you like, and things that you feel need to be improved.
If they then decide to act out as if they are perfect or something, then yes, harsher words are necessary.
I think the best MMD users are the ones who...
a. aren't bragging or showing off
b. are respectful of their fellow MMDers
c. realise there are way more users of MMD than them and they are not the "god" / "voice of judgement" or whatever
d. careful with what they give out, realising things can happen to it
e. understand the flaws of what they do
f. understand nothing is ever perfect or flawless
g. but still work to improve their flaws.

I just wrote this out because I am bored and want to complain about something, and MMD was asked about... so...


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