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Chapter 1: Maids Welcome (Answered Wish)

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Chapter 1: Maids Welcome (Answered Wish) Empty Chapter 1: Maids Welcome (Answered Wish)

Post by ultimateweeaboo15 on 8th December 2014, 6:11 am

Chapter 1: Maids welcoming~Tenshi appears
"Tsuko-San!.." "Wake up Tsuko-San!!" I faintly hear from an unfamiliar voice as I barely can keep consciousness with my eyes closed. "Sakuya, please check him..." "I hope I didn't kill him" then I thought to myself... "Who is Sakuya?" as I felt great pain from being stabbed then at that moment I heard "So you did bring him here" from another voice I did not recognize with the song 'disturbed playing' with someone saying "This sure describes you Remilia don't it?".
"He's moving" was shouted as I moved my hand to my face then proceeded to smack my face to fully wake-up. I slowly opened my eyes to see myself in a dim room with red walls and no windows
and blood covered white sheets covering me. I then look to my right to see a girl that is tall with whitish hair with double ponytails down the sides of her face and blue eyes whering a maid outfit that was blue with short skirt with a strap on her right leg with a small knife being held in it... "You look vary pretty miss" I told her while gasping for air from her Pina Coloda smelling body. I watched as she turn red and spawned a knife ready to cut me in embarrassment.
"Not knife him(xD)" says Remilia "no need for him to get any worse... Sakuya; plus he is the first boy to actually complement you on your looks and not try to get in your pants lol".
I looked at her and said with caution "You're Sakuya then, Nice to be greeted by such a lovey girl" Remilia said while trying not to laugh "So I see you instantly started hitting on my maid" while she turned red from trying not to laugh.
Sakuya is now kinda pissed at me and she growled at me catching me by surprise as she mumbled "yeah say something now" but with hoping for no knifing, I jokingly said "Oh growl at me baby, you know I like it" but my hope was to no avail and my face was punched in the face by a maids fist. Remilia now on the floor laughing hysterically pounding fist on floor laughing at both Sakuya and I.
Sakuya and I said at the same time "What's so funny" then we snapped back with "Oh Hell no!" then again with "stop that" "it's creepy" she said shut up at the same time as I said "Your sexy and you know it" while beat boxing to "Sexy and I know it" and got my face punched in the face. Sakuya told me "Now Shut up before I stab you!". Remilia not calming down said " Well Tsuko is better.
Then another girl approached me with a white dress with blue skirt and black hat with peaches on it. She had long silky blue hair and red eyes but dimmer than remilia's eyes and she said with much enthusiasm " You will die here why not go somewhere safe?" with that she flung her hair with her left hand going away from her face and walked out. Remilia said "well come join us for breakfast and I will show you around and tell you the real reason why I summoned you here" with that Remilia came over grabbed my hand and I blushed from not having my hand held by a girl as Sakuya and Remilia teleport to the dinning room with a feast like breakfast with 4 other people sitting at the table as my signer mark glowed dimmly where one one noticed and we proceeded to have a breakfast of hot herbal tea and cookies.. Sakuay seated me and said "I do Apologize for hitting you our guest Tsuko but please don't do that to me" I thought "do what?" then Sakuya gave me a fresh cup of tea boiled with spring water and eucalyptus flowers.
"This is how a 'maid' welcome any guest chosen to stay awhile by my master Remilia" said Sakuya as she walked away still a bit red from what I told her; but I knew in my heart Remilia was keeping something, because she had that look of hiding something so I stated out loud for her to hear "What is the real reason why you summoned me hear? A being such as yourself does not call just some random guy." and with that everyone stared; looking at us both as Remilia glared at me as if she got caught dead in her tracks´╗┐

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