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Chapter 3 pt 1: Break the seal pt 1

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Chapter 3 pt 1: Break the seal pt 1

Post by ultimateweeaboo15 on 8th December 2014, 6:15 am

Break the Seal pt 1
As Dark Sakuya's blood covered danmaku card is reveled it show an evil seal only mentioned in ancient Scrolls. Remilia gasp as she read it off.
"Orichalcos no Kekkai"
then at that moment Dark Sakuya activated its dark power.
"Oh you know this power M'lady hahahaha"
"Sakuya No" but my plead was to no avail as  the green ring with lettering rotated and  then on the ground around us formed a light green wall as the 6 pointed star came to fruition

Remilia tried bending fate to stop it and flandre tried blowing it up but to there surprise it did not work, not even a dent on the wall.
"How is this possible!!!, my manipulation of fate should have stopped this!!!" Remilia then panics

"When the Seal of Orichalcos is played it can not be destroyed or over run until.." I sputtered as Dark Sakuya finishes
"there is a loser and the loser loses there vary soul to the great beast! and in this case he will die for being a signer!! mwahahahaha"

Remilia Cried and wondered "Please don't die Tsuko... I need you"

"Dark being, I will not let you do this to Sakuya!, even if it means I have to die with you then so be it!"
then after I said that I pulled out a danmaku that  holds a multi-colored portal with 2 orbs light nearing the center
"I Activate my power! Hugo (fusion)..."
"as it maybe true that nothing can actually go in and out but what can not be seen by the eye can so I fuse my body with Remilia's..."
then the portal became real as our bodies flew in.
"What's are we... what's going on!!!!"
I then spit out as we fuse:
"Bloody Eternal moon and sacred creature now go hand in hand, watch as the Scarlet Eyes fuses with Signer power to form the one and the only!..."
our new body floats down with angel wings and vampire teeth dripping with blood as we now speak in unicen from one body
"Fusion Summoning Arts show you... Tsumilia - The ultimate Vampiric Being" the roof gets town off the mansion as the winds get stronger and then starts raining blood as red as scarlet crystals.
"Get your game on Dark Being!" as we point our finger at her
Everyone now in shock now can't beleave what happened and a burst of energy blasted through all of Gensokyo and space and beyond as we smiled.
Remi says in own mind to me "I feel the powers now throbbing in my whole well being.. is this fusion" and then I think to her that is but the only answer to the problem

(I will explain in at the end why chapter 2 is not here cause it reveals a plot point that can't be revealed this eraly yet)

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