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What is your biggest video game failure?

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What is your biggest video game failure?

Post by WielderOfThorn on 11th December 2014, 6:06 pm

Or most recent, if you're like me xD (This thread can be for any video game I think)

Well... I recently found my Harvest Moon DS Cute game again, which I put so much effort into =/
Almost ready to win after like 6 in game "years".
So I loaded it again and did some things (I have 53/60 sprites rescued so... I can't get married yet. Not sure I have the 2nd house upgrade either but it looks like it) ... mainly just teleport around, it was obvious how much time I put into the game.
Then somehow I equipped a cursed tool, and unfortunately I saved =_= I'm not "disabled" I think, but I can't change tools (which is the point of this game)
So I can either go back to mining until I faint or think of a way to get 30k more so the greedy church can remove it. Think I'll go with the 2nd, since... I only have one more cursed tool I think, and hopefully wouldn't make that mistake again... but that is creepy (and a failure xD)
Also, my cat is missing/lost on it. That shouldn't be a problem but I did really love her =/ Guess it isn't a loss though seeing as the only thing you really could do was pet her, carry her around, or carry her around showing her to people to raise friendship (and most of the people already love me XD)

This game is complicated though, I doubt I'd do it over again unless to play the blonde character on 2nd save file XD
Rune Factory 2 was similar but so much easier... (or maybe I was more "into the story" ... ah well.)

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Re: What is your biggest video game failure?

Post by ultimateweeaboo15 on 11th December 2014, 11:07 pm

My biggest gaming fail was with an old NES, I was playing contra and perpusly jumps into a hole.... ON LEVEL 1!!!!! I mean really, I see a fake power up and I still fall for it til this day

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