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Roleplay rules for here.

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Roleplay rules for here. Empty Roleplay rules for here.

Post by WielderOfThorn on 29th December 2014, 6:16 pm

With the RP forums coming, I'm going to make these general RP rules. They should be obvious, but I am going to make them just in case. I will also include examples, so please read them (even if you've already roleplayed before or still do).
I am sorry for the length but this is to ensure that there is an understanding.
Another note - basically everything you do must be agreed upon by all involved parties... especially if you are strangers/acquaintances with them.
Akiko and Kohaku will be used as examples.
1. No godmodding.
You should know this if you are roleplaying, but... this is basically doing anything that takes advantage of another character without agreement. Please respect people's characters, yours isn't the only one here. Also, you cannot control other peoples' characters, only your own.
Example 1:  "Kohaku runs up behind Akiko undetected and stabs her to death."
Why that's wrong: Akiko had no chance to fight back. That is wrong. Unless the person who made Akiko said you could stab their character to death, you have no right to. Any posts like that will be deleted.
Example 2 :
Person A : Akiko lunges forward in an attempt to stab Kohaku.
Person B : Kohaku dodges the blade and swings around, managing to stab Akiko fatally in the back.
Why that's wrong: While Kohaku may dodge the attack, he may not "fatally stab" her unless agreed upon by both parties. I hope you are already seeing a pattern here.
A note: Akiko is right here. If we do fight roleplays, you must give your opponent a chance to fight back unless stated otherwise... not sure if our characters will fight each other or we'll have "NPCs" yet.
1.1 Note on Godmodding
We are going to make this so it means your character can't be invincible as well. Your character isn't flawless, every character has a weakness. Your character must also be able to take damage, your character cannot be immune to all damage.
"my character is so perfect and can do anything and is immortal and can kill your character in one hit... oh and you cant hurt my character"
I'm sure everyone who has ever roleplayed has encountered a character such as this. This can be really annoying, not to mention it's completely unfair and not normal. If you do this, your post will be deleted and you'll receive a firm warning.
2. No metagaming.
This means your character should have no knowledge of something/someone they shouldn't.
Example 1: Kohaku saw a strange lady he never met before. He walks over to her, and says "Nice to meet you, Akiko."
Why that's wrong: He's never met her, how can he know her name? Unless it's mutually agreed they both know each other already, you should make proper introductions. Any posts such as this will receive a warning, as we now have to figure out a way to fix that. If you repeat this, you'll be removed from the RP.
Example 2:
Person A: Akiko was in her house, laying in bed. She had a rough day and just wanted to relax.
Person B: Kohaku walks in, so he can meet her.
Why that's wrong: How can Kohaku know where she lives and just magically appear there? Not only does that have no logic behind it, but it's creepy. This needs to be agreed upon as well, needless to say. Any posts like this will be deleted, we won't even bother trying to fix that.
Example 3: Kohaku suddenly looked up. "Huh, I think the world's going to end..." He muttered, as the world suddenly burst into flames.
Why that's wrong: How did he even know the world was going to end? This also goes into godmodding as well. Don't do this, if you know the world is going to end (it's planned out-of-character), that doesn't mean your character knows. Any posts like this will be deleted.
3. No R+18 roleplay
That's not the aim of this site, and obviously we aren't including examples for that. You know what's R+18 and what isn't. You really shouldn't be roleplaying like this if you are under 18 anyways. Also, the forum can be deleted because of this as Forumotion doesn't allow such content. If you post anything like this, your post will be deleted and you'll be removed from the RP.
4. Know the difference between In Character and Out of Character
For out-of-character, we will use either double brackets or double parenthesis. So something such as [[OOC: I think we're doing really well]] or ((OOC: I think we're doing really well)). So this should be obvious. Any other posts will be the character or the narration, as far as the roleplay forum goes.
5. Relationships/Pairing
Relationships must obviously be agreed on. Do not do anything to make another person/character uncomfortable. Intimate contact (kissing, hugging, etc) should be agreed on as well. Any posts not following this will be deleted, it can easily make someone uncomfortable.
Example 1: Kohaku pulled Akiko close, and kissed her gently.
Why that's wrong: It should be obvious. Unless it's agreed on that Kohaku can kiss Akiko, you shouldn't do this. Would you go up to someone in real life and just kiss them like that? Any posts like this will be deleted, and, depending on the content, you may be removed from the RP.
Example 2:
Person B: "Akiko is my girlfriend!", Kohaku stated happily.
Person A: "I do not like you that way, will you please stop?" Akiko glared at him, obviously annoyed.
Person B: "Ignore her, she's being tsundere!" Kohaku commented, ignoring any protests from her.
Why that's wrong: This should be obvious as well. If someone does NOT want to pair their character with yours, don't even try to force it. Relationships are not even the point of this RP. There's a difference between being "tsundere" and just not wanting a relationship as well. If someone rejects you, it doesn't mean they secretly like you. They may be very uncomfortable and/or not interested at all. Posts like this will be deleted, and, depending on the content, you may be removed from the RP.
*Tsundere characters are fine, but in this example Person A should state they have a tsundere character/character with tsundere tendencies and that they are in fact interested in Person B's character. However it's not acceptable if Person A's character does NOT want a relationship with Person B's character. So in other words, using "tsundere" as an excuse when you know someone isn't interested isn't acceptable.
6. Language
The roleplays will be in English as that is the common language here. Try to use clear and understandable English. To us, there is a very clear difference between someone whose native language isn't English and someone whose native language is English but they aren't trying. This also means no chatspeak.
7. Canon Characters
Please do not insert canon characters (from anything) into this RP, they must be your own original characters. Please do not base your character completely off of any random canon character either. The reason for this is it's unfair, not creative, and not what we're trying to do here.
8. Self Inserts
These are a touchy subject, but please do not completely base your character off of yourself if you can't tell that this will be a character BASED OFF OF YOU, and NOT EXACTLY YOU. The reason for this is  a lot of self-inserts end up leaving  anyways, since the creators can't usually tell the difference between in character and out of character.
9. Respect our main rules
You should know them already, but yes. They still apply here, even if language was changed.

Thank you for your time, and just know that making anyone uncomfortable will not only get you removed from the RP, but you'll most likely be banned from the site as well.

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