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Announcement regarding inactivity

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Announcement regarding inactivity Empty Announcement regarding inactivity

Post by WielderOfThorn on 12th December 2015, 10:15 pm

Okay, I am really tired of hearing complaints and such about how this forum is
I know every currently active user (except for one) is from the 2014/2015 era of the forum, so you wouldn´t know how it started.
It originally started because I was tired of AM ( a forum I came from that I used from like 2008-2012) and I thought the rules and such were unfair, so I gathered friends from AM and we were able to do whatever we wanted here.
We had less strict rules and plentiful guilds so we were able to be whatever rank and guild we wanted, we didn´t have to stay as "peasants", "commoners", or just general populace. We could actually be important, and on equal levels.
And that is more or less the story behind it, and I prefer friends over randoms any day. Not to mention I don´t even know how to promote my forum, but it will probably cost money (and let´s face it, promoting a forum that may not even thrive would be the last thing I´d want to do with my money. Especially when I have things that need to be built and such.)
So, if the lack of activity bothers you, you have 2 options that you, as a member, can do :
1. you can tell others about it, I don´t care, I´d be happy to have more members but I´m not going out of my way to do so
2. You can go make your own forum and advertise it with your own time and money.
Also - another point. Yeah, this forum is going to be inactive if you don´t bother to interact with the community and participate in the threads. It´s not my job to force you to have a good time. If I could do that, I would, because seeing this forum is depressing and it is pretty much on its last life. You can create topics, you can talk amongst each other, just no one is even trying to do that much and they just run going "MODS MODS MODS" (or in this case admins)

Not to mention no one is even trying to bring up suggestions on how to make this forum more enjoyable for others. I can only do so much. I´ve tried posting forum games, I´ve tried making sections that cater to the needs of others, but people are way too lazy or detached to even participate and this is what is bothering me so much to post this. Not to mention a lot of people over the years are just generally unhelpful and are shooting down my suggestions. Then, when I do their suggestions, it just dies, because they aren´t pulling their weight.

So keep that in mind, thanks. The inactivity is because everyone seems to have a hostile and judgemental air around them =/ I know things went down with Aiko, but that is by no means how everyone should be treated and he was quite a special case (he was thinking this was his dating site, he was doing illegal activities, he was being a smartass, etc). You all really need to calm down and stop being so harsh. I don´t even care about that anymore, and I don´t go around hurting people usually (Again, he was a special case). Figured you´d all at least know that much about me...

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Announcement regarding inactivity Empty Re: Announcement regarding inactivity

Post by WickedSwitch on 12th December 2015, 10:23 pm

And I fully agree with this people, if you want to invite some friends that you think would like this forum that's fine, but this was intended for private use from the beginning, so it's up to us to make this into an active forum if that's what we want it to be. :3

But hey, you want to advertise this on your own we won't stop you. lol

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