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Post by WielderOfThorn on 8th November 2014, 1:50 am

If the caps didn't stress the importance enough.
So anyways, talking with Lina and Akira...
This site is pretty much going to be dead again.
It's still going to be kept up in case any old members come back to it, and as a place of memories. I'll check in for perhaps anyone coming here/coming back.
Of greater importance, we're moving domains completely.
It's going to be hosted on a .se domain. Because of a certain stalker (the girl knows who she is), we won't post that here. (Well to be fair we don't even have the name yet).
Matri, Slimmme, An, Ruffi, Kayako...  if anyone of you are back and interested in this one, you're welcome to send me (WielderOfThorn) a pm here, and I'll send you the site link.
NOTE. The new domain will most likely NOT be in English. Lina and myself will try to help anyone coming back with the site, how to navigate it, and such.
If you are wondering WHY we're moving in the first place...
1. Spam bots. We can't get rid of them unless they create an account and post, and I don't even know what they're doing.
2. It'd be really easy to tell who I am here (even for unrelated sites).
3. Not a lot of people are showing interest on this one.
4. Out of all the "attention" this site has gotten, no one new joined in a long time. Eyes joined on the 24th of October (of this year), but I have no idea who that is, just that they had a fake gen'd name and email.
5. Related to 4, the most amount of users online ever was 23 on a date no member or myself was on.
6. R-18 isn't allowed here

So yeah, just putting this out here.

We expect the new domain to be up Sunday at some point (09-11-2014), but moving things over will take some time.
(Why did I say 13th, then 12th? 9th is correct...)

Somewhat relevant, this site has been hosted on forumotion for over 3 years now... ah, how much the time goes by... I remember when I was 14.

Last edited by WielderOfThorn on 19th November 2015, 7:43 pm; edited 7 times in total (Reason for editing : un global, we should be fine here)

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