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FAQ now filled in  Empty FAQ now filled in

Post by WielderOfThorn on 31st October 2014, 6:24 pm

But it got too long, so I'll continue here. (Going to add the ones already up, too)

Q: How do I join a guild?
A: You need 10 posts. However, people who have shown that they are real users will be promoted to regulars, no matter the amount  of posts they have.

Q: What is the Inactive group?
A: This is a group for people who have left, or haven't been on since 2012. They are either missing in action or gone completely. It is recommended you do not try to contact them as I most likely don't have any more contact with them either. They have a dark blue name. Usually I won't strip them of their title/rank, but I do strip them of their guilds and moderator status (if they had it.)

Q: ___ is being mean to me, what do I do?
A: If someone is being mean to you, report it to an admin/mod. We'll deal with it. Do not start fights in the forums, as it can end up with you both banned.

Q: Who is in the administration?
Administrators - WielderOfThorn (Forum King, father of the forum), Lynette (Forum Bot), WickedSwitch (Queen of the forum)
Mods - Hokaze Akira
Ex-mods who can request to come back at any time - Matriamat, An, slimmmeiske2

Q: Is this a troll forum?
A: Only if you wish to see it that way. I made it for my friends and I. That's why it's not professional, and I was never expecting this many views.

Q: I clicked on a spam link from this site.
A: I'm sorry to hear that. However, in one of my global annoucements I've posted a user whitelist. Please read that, and be very careful when clicking on links from other users (especially ones no one promoted to regulars).

Q: Your tutorials on here don't work/are outdated.
A: This site is years old. I've just come back, I think I very well get the idea it is outdated.

Q: I want to create an account.
A: That's fine, but there's some things I ask. Please, use a valid and trustworthy email, not a fake gen'd one. No fake gen'd names either. I'm not asking you to give out your primary email, but at least one that's legit. Also, please introduce yourself in the Introduce yourself section when you've made one. It shows me you are a person.

Q: What kind of people are here?
A: This forum is pretty unique, I think. I haven't seen anyone from the same place (not counting banned users of course).

Q: What are the image threads?
A: The Image threads are just images of a character. They are dedicated to a specific character usually. These were done for fun, please do NOT get offended by them. If you are an owner of an image and want it taken down, please let me know. They are a mess right now, as a lot aren't credited. I am trying to deal with that. They may also be soon removed as they weren't of importance anyways (and as it also seems to be the reason why there are so many bots). I highly recommend using Gelbooru, Danbooru, Konachan, Zerochan, Pixiv, Deviantart and such for searching images of characters. If you need help with a tag in Japanese I'll be happy to assist.

Q: All the images are broken?
A: Yes, they are, and I don't know why either. It appears even legitimate ones are broken. Not going to bother fixing those, as soon we will be working to get rid of all image threads.

Q: Will you include MikuMikuDance (MMD)?
A: Well to be honest I am planning to. However, deviantart is a better place for that. I would also have decided to link to models instead, but there's already a tumblr blog for that. Plus crediting every time I post here is boring, and I really don't want that much attention to this site.

Q: Can I post R+18 things?
A: No, you can't. I wouldn't have cared originally, but I see that forumotion (the site this is hosted on) does not want any things of pornographic nature hosted on any forum. It isn't exactly clear to me, but I am going to assume that means hentai and such too.
I am the only one who broke this rule =/

Q:  I'm from ____. May I still join?
A: Anyone is welcome here, as long as they follow the account creation rules. I honestly don't care what country you are from, as long as you aren't being an asshole to people,  or breaking any rules. If you haven't noticed, we have quite a variety.

Q: Will you do translations for anything?
A: Probably not. I don't like translating for others. I don't want someone stealing credit for something I worked on translating, it pisses me off. And I know there are people who'd steal, usually my stuff gets stolen/copied online all the fucking time and I'm tired of it.

Q: Can I link to POCALOID/pirated Vocaloids/Windows 100 percent MMD models/Windows 100 percent UTAU?
A:  Please DON'T. Especially since there are now people patrolling for that, and sending out DMCA Violation Notices (whatever that is. I doubt it has an effect on me or anyone here at the moment, but to be safe, don't.)
You may however, link to where you bought them (I really only recommend Amazon JP. I love that, everything is pretty cheap there and arrives quickly)

Q: Can I post translations?
A: Sure. However, make sure they are your translations. Otherwise, post a video link to the translated video.
Note: Most Japanese - English and English - Japanese songs have been translated, especially when it comes to Vocaloid/UTAU, so be careful of that. You can still post your interpretation I guess but only if it is YOURS and not based on someone else's.

FAQ About Friends and Foes -
Q: What are Friends and Foes?
A: Well, as I see it this isn't a very helpful feature, at least when it comes to the friends part. Friends will be displayed on your profile and you can send them messages faster.
Foes are when you need to ignore someone. They won't be able to message you. Please note you CANNOT add the administrators or the moderators to your foes list.

FAQ About the white list -
Q: How do I get on the white list?
A: You don't. If we determine you trustworthy, we'll add you there. White list means nothing though if you break the rules. Whitelist mainly applies to links.

FAQ Involving IP addresses -

Q: Do I have to post/include/provide my location?
A: Nope. While it would be interesting to know which country you are from, you don't have to. Besides, if any of the mods or myself are curious and want to know for some reason, we can just go to something you posted and look at your IP and other IPs you used. We can then open up Robtex and evaluate the IP.
However, if you have an IPV6, please DO post your country. I have no way to track down or understand IPV6.

Q: How do I know if I have an IPV6?
A: Go to a site like WhatismyIP. If you have an IP like, you have IPv4. If you have something such as 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329, you have an IPv6.
*These are examples.

Q: Can someone find me with my IP?
A: Unlikely. However if you post personal information it makes it very easy for someone to track you down. However, I have no interest in doing such things, and no one I've ever made a mod or such wants to do that either. I make sure I know my mods before making them mods.

Q: Can someone hack me with my IP?
A: That is actually unlikely too, but I am no hacker... so I can't be too sure. Technically speaking, however... they can ping flood you. This is going into internet security, which should be clear to you if you are on here. I'll add some things to rules though.

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