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This is going to be my fan based story for Touhou X Yugioh 5Ds (Answered Wish)

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This is going to be my fan based story for Touhou X Yugioh 5Ds (Answered Wish)

Post by ultimateweeaboo15 on 8th December 2014, 5:41 am

Prologue: Gathering Wishes
Gathering Wishes - Prologue
Night sky is clear; scarlet and silver stars break across the night as the cool night breeze blows on by peacefully as the only male at the Hakurei Shrine with no one around... so he thought and he was looking around seeing where he was... but did not know how he got here but does know he is destined here then he mumbles out loud with peaceful sorrow "I know that I traveled beyond the human realm, but I can only have come here if someone opened a path for me here... but I do not see anyone" at that moment he hears foot steps coming his way so in fear he turns around only to see a vampire girl in a magenta coloured top and skirt with a red silk ribbon/bow on her back being worn as a belt with a hat is the same colour, light blue hear with light purple tint and scarlet eyes standing about my height standing about 2 feet away smiling.
"Who are you and why and I here" asked the teenage boy vary brokenly as he was looking to make sure there was no weapons on her by skimming her quickly with his eyes.
"huehuehue" chuckled the cute vampire girl and followed in swiftly with "I am the Vampire Queen and Eternal Scarlet Moon: Remilia Scarlet and as for summoning you here; hehehe; I have been watching you" and with that the boy was lost. "Please explain" he inquired seeking a straight answer. Remilia Started laughing hysterically. "What?" he exclaimed. Remilia snapping back from her laughter responded with more seriousness "I have been watching you struggle to find a peaceful home and destiny, so to cheer you up I summoned you here, besides I sense great potential in you" suddenly Remilia stabs him with something as if she wanted to kill him. Overcome with shock and now coughing blood and bleeding erratically from his chest studdering "W...w.. why?" then she said "Ssshhh, I promise you wont die, but I need to dim your life force so you won't be noticed".
Dawn now starting and the cool breeze kicks up Remilia grabs him as he passes out from blood loss and tosses him over her should and flies quickly towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion as she thinks in her head "Can't tell him the truth just yet, cause he won't understand but I can't stand to see no-body take care of this problem so I hope he does not get noticed or dies on me" and this starts how I Tsuko Aiko became part of and savior of SDM and Gensokyo.

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