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RULES (Updated version) Empty RULES (Updated version)

Post by WielderOfThorn on 10th December 2014, 5:53 pm

Read these please, everyone. I'll leave this global announcement unlocked so if you have any questions you can ask me. This is a friendly reminder to everyone here. Also, they are more cleaned up than the previous.

1. The main language here is English, please use it. If you want to use any other language than English, please make sure those you are talking to are able to understand it or add a translation after it. You may use any language freely when using private message (PM), taking the first part into consideration. Naturally cursing someone out or harrassing them in your own language (English of course included) is prohibited and will in most cases lead to being banned if the offense is repeated.

2. Do not be rude to any members. This includes language. If something a person says doesn't make sense to you, ask politely so they can state their point more precisely and clear up any misunderstandings.

3. Do not insult anyone's "pairings"/"ships"/"one true pairing", interests, favourite characters, favourite songs, etc.... This should be self-explanatory. The "harems" that were posted long ago were for fun and are not the "law of judgement".

4. You may NOT post anything about someone without their permission. (Any of their personal information mainly)

4.1 You may NOT post sensitive information about yourself also, especially if you are under 18.  This includes things like full name, full location, phone number, address (This goes with full location). We are not facebook. We do not care about these things.

4.2 Please do not post pictures or videos of yourself, no matter your age. This is not the focus of the site, though if we make a cosplay section in the future, cosplay will be okay. Again, we are not facebook.

5. Keep your conversations neutral at the very least. If you don't like someone, that's fine, but it's never a reason to be rude.

5.1 Respect the moderators and administrator as well. We are keeping this site up.

5.1.2 Do not belittle anyone or go out of your way to discredit someone. We will all be friends here, okay? We are on the same site, so there should be no one speaking with superior tonation unless they are an admin (WielderOfThorn, Lynette, WickedSwitch) or a moderator. Even then we will treat you as equal unless you decide to belittle us. If you don't like us (or how we are running things), go make your own forum.

6. If someone is being rude, let a mod or admin know and we'll deal with it. Do NOT fight back. Doing so may end up with both of you banned.

7. Please do not advertise on here.

8. You may revive topics, if we don't want them revived we'll lock them.

9. You may post pictures, but please put them all in a tag. If you can add credits, do that too. No exceptions.

10. Most importantly, respect the laws of USA (Forumotion operates under USA laws) and wherever you are from.

11. Please do not post links to pirated software, or anything of that nature. Naturally, you don't know if it's safe... not to mention it's also illegal.

12. Hentai/rule 34/ecchi/whatever is fine, but must be tagged.

13. You can use images from anywhere, but it's highly suggested it's your own. If I get a complaint though, I'll ask you to remove it. Not removing/changing it when asked will lead to me removing it by force and banning you.

14. Any video game, anime, manga, cartoon, vocaloid/utau pairing and utaite pairing is fine, but pictures must be tagged.

15. No one will be told they can't like something. If you don't like something it's suggested you avoid it or ignore it completely.

16. MikuMikuDance (MMD) most likely will not be added.

17. Please do not go off topic. Everything has a topic, even in the off topic section or game center. If you want to talk with someone off topic, please use PMs. That's why they are there. There is also the chatbox, you can send a PM asking if they can get on.

17.1 No thread hijacking. Really, it isn't nice or appropriate. In other words, please do not steal a topic about one specific thing and turn the direction towards something else. Start a thread for what you want to talk about, don't steal another thread.

17.2 If you don't know what you are talking about, please do not post there. It saves a lot of confusion for you and your partners in conversation.

18. If you create an account here, please introduce yourself in the appropriate section. That's why it is there. Just start a new thread. Do not use fake gen'd emails. Anyone who is unable to prove they are a user will be banned. (introductions - )

18.1 Do not hide your online status. At all. If I find out someone has done this, I will warn you and disable it. If you switch it again, you will be banned, and your account will be deleted.

19. You need only 10 posts to claim a rank/title for yourself and join a guild, so point-gaming isn't useful.

19.1 However, guilds and rank/titles aren't necessary. They are for fun.

19.2 We will not (nor do we have to) give in to people requesting special treatment. We offer more than we should as is. However, if you wish to make a suggestion that would be beneficial to the whole site, you are welcome to PM me, Hokaze Akira, or WickedSwitch.

20. This one is not a rule, but an important warning. Please do not click links if you are logged out (I've noticed weirdly added links), and please do not click on links provided by users not promoted (default light green). I have a whitelist and a blacklist here.

Member white list - WielderOfThorn, Matriamat, An, slimmmeiske2, Ruffi, Kayako, Hokaze Akira, WickedSwitch, Tsuko Aiko, NovusSoul, Kamuiden
Unknown list emptied, users deleted
Blacklist emptied, users deleted

21. Using proxies is a bannable offense. There isn´t anything here that should require a proxy.

(In the future, thinking of adding roleplay and cosplay parts.)
It is asked that you read the FAQ also, ( )
Thank you for your attention.
~Torvid (WielderOfThorn)

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